About Rum Cay

Rum Cay is rich in history, natural beauty, fishing, surfing, with a Bahamian authenticity you will only find at this remote island. History includes Arawak Indians, Pirates, Spanish sailors, Loyalists, Americans, British…and Canadians. Originally named Santa Maria de la Concepcion that all changed when a ship laden with rum wrecked close by and kegs of rum washed up on shore. It then became known as Rum Cay!

Rum Cay Road map

The above map is a bit outdated as the Sumner Point Marina & the GreenFlash are no longer with us.  May they rest in peace and may we find peace on Rum Cay!  Click on the map to enlarge!

Even though times are tough right now some of the local businesses have managed to keep the heart of Port Nelson going. Please be sure to visit all the local restaurants, shops and local artists. They will be happy to see you!

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