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fishing on rum cay

Wahoo . Marlin . Tuna . Dolphin . Snapper . Grouper . Bonefish

Rum Cay Fishing

Within minutes of rounding the reef off Sumner Point Marina you will be in deep enough water to be going for  big game fish such as wahoo, blue marlin, tuna and dolphin!  This is truly some of the best sport fishing in the Bahamas!  No travel time…just fishing time. For those that like to try their hand at fly the Rum Cay Salt Pond is a great place to go for the elusive bonefish.

If you are interested in fishing out of Rum Cay you can contact us here!

Note:  Sumner Point Marina is not open for business and is currently in disrepair.  

exploring rum cay beaches

Rum Cay BeachesWant to run naked on your own beach?  This is the place to do that!!!  You can walk for miles on these beaches and will not see another person!

Imagine the softest, pinkish sand holding unfound treasures. You just never know what you will find! Swords, sea glass, old bottles, shells, messages in a bottle, driftwood, glass balls…..the list is endless.  What will you find?

surfing on rum cay

rum cay surfing

It’s a secret so Mum’s the word!   There are 14 surf breaks around the island!  However the surf is inconsistent so watch out for a NE swell for the best conditions!

Rum Cay Kite Surfing

 Kite surfing:  bring your own kites and surf right in St. George’s Bay. There are incredible views especially during a Rum Cay sunset!

shark show

rum cay sharksThere’s nothing like watching sharks feeding very close up. During sportfishing season (February-July) the sharks come in at dusk while the captain’s are cleaning the fish. The carcasses get tossed into the marina which adds to the spectacle of the Sumner Point Shark Show. Now tie a rope onto a fish carcass and go fishing for shark….lots of testosterone is involved here but great fun for all!

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