Last Chance Store

1-242-462-7839 –

Kaye (from Kaye’s Bar) also has a grocery store which is now located at Kaye’s Bar since the original building endured incredible damage from Hurricane Joaquin.  She carries groceries and handcrafted art/jewellery from local artists (hers included).

You will find all your basics as far as fresh produce like potatoes, onions, green peppers, iceberg lettuce along with frozen meats, canned goods, milk, cleaning supplies, etc. If you’re planning a trip to Rum Cay then it’s best to give her a call and see what she has. If you’re looking for a lot of something in particular there’s a good chance she can get it for you wholesale and have it waiting for you. The mailboat comes from Nassau every week which is highly dependant on weather, boat, crew, etc.

For sportfish boats and yachts Kaye can help you stock the boat with beer, bottled water, soda, meats. Just give Lilly a call on WhatsApp at 242-462-7839.

Strachan’s One Stop Shop

Tucked in the middle of Port Nelson off the main road is the One Stop Shop. Ms. Strachan usually closes up shop by 12:30pm.

The Strachans sell some fresh produce, eggs, bottled water, dry foods, cleaning supplies, cheese, canned goods and beverages.


George’s Taxi


George's Taxi Rum Cay

There’s no one friendlier on Rum Cay than our only Taxi guy on the island…George Gaitor. Be sure to call him ahead of time to arrange airport pickups, tours or even lunch!

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